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RGE was stablished in 1997 in the UAE (Dubai) under the subject of lighting design and execution. By taking into account the growing field of the building construction industry in UAE and other neighboring countries, RGE rapidly expanded and developed its activities, designing and executing over 950 projects in Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, and Sudan. This has turned RGE into the largest lighting network in the Middle East. For the international projects, RGE is honored to be cooperating with the most credited global architecture and construction firms and gaining the most experience out of this. one of these notable experiences is providing lighting design and execution services with the highest level of global standards.

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RGE is the brightest lighting company in Iran and the Middle East

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نورپردازی نما هتل اسپیناس پالاس


نورپردازی مجتمع تجاری ارگ تجریش


نورپردازی مجتمع تجاری ارم


نورپردازی مجتمع اداری نیلپر


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