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RGE Lighting Design was established in the year 1997 with the mission to transform people’s understanding of architecture. Our quality is guaranteed through our extensive portfolio which includes more than 6,500 design projects and numerous international honors and awards.

At RGE, we see lighting design as an instrument for creating beauty and thus as a form of art. We believe that architectural beauty should not only remain visible but also be enhanced during the night, which is why we strive to breathe life onto nighttime architecture.

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RGE is the brightest lighting company in Iran and the Middle East

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نورپردازی نما هتل اسپیناس پالاس


نورپردازی مجتمع تجاری ارگ تجریش


نورپردازی مجتمع تجاری ارم


نورپردازی مجتمع اداری نیلپر


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