Arg Comercial Building (Amir Kabir )

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Date :  Project Description
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This large commercial complex is located in the north of Tehran, near Tajrish square. Architectural style and lighting of this center have been designed in a way to strengthen the relationship between the complex and the public and make it as an urban immediate space rather than merely representing a beautiful appearance. In addition, since the immediate texture and neighbourhood around the project is full of harsh and loud noises, the façade design has tried to invite people to be relaxed and calm. Therefore, extras were removed from the façade to simply communicate with people by creating a smooth and moderate curved skin.

Since the façade is made of Twin Skin with a distance of 80 cm from each other, it has created the best condition for an indirect lighting.

Due to indirect emission of light sources, all produced images have no sharp edges and are in harmony with the architectural style.

Numerous pictorial scenarios have already been designed for the system to be displayed on special nights.

The central controller system by its specific software acts in a way to generate random beautiful images and display them on the façade’s skin.

Location : Tehran - Shariati

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