Advantages of Working With Us

Unlike many companies active in the field lighting and illumination which take in their own actions for the distribution and sale of their accessories, the RGE has been focused in the field of lighting design and execution for the façade, landscape, and interior spaces since established.
Concentration in one field of activity has allowed this company to achieve great advances in a short time, because nowadays, one cannot act successfully in several working fields parallel to each other with the explosion of information in the fields of lighting technology. According to this, by concentrating on this field, RGE has been able to provide desirable services for the applicants.
In this company, the departments of design,  power, electronics, lighting Lab, 3D simulation, architecture, interior design, CAD drawing, supervision  and the executive group who are the best in their type provide the process of design and execution of the lighting projects in their best possible way in the format of a professional team work.

One of the excellent advantages of RGE is provision of unique and creative lighting designs that are permanently making it distinguished among others.
  Creation of original ideas and taking advantage of specific tools (for special projects), many of which are designed at the light laboratory and design department of this company and others that are produced at foreign companies make RGE's projects consistently special and unique.
For this reason, RGE has the background of design and execution of the largest and the best lighting projects in the Middle East.